Long-Island teeth-whitening

Who doesn’t lust after a dazzling, white smile?

Think that Hollywood grin, the one that beams up at us from the pages of celebrity magazines. Have you seen this, and wished your teeth were as white?

 I think we all have, but the good news is that this is entirely possible for us all, and in a very safe and gentle way too.


Here at Trifecta Med Spa Long Island we’re proud to offer in-office teeth whitening service, which is proven to be not only gentler on your teeth, but also safer and highly effective, when compared to other whitening products, and especially when compared against home whitening kits.


teeth-whitening-long islandQuick, easy, and with immediate results, BleachBrite teeth whitening is the fastest way to a brighter smile, whilst removing stubborn stains and discolouration that builds up over the years. In the space of one visit, you could have teeth that are eight shades brighter.




I think so.


So how does this work?


Well it’s a very relaxing process for you! Basically you sit in a dentist’s chair and chill-out, whilst our friendly, professional staff apply whitening gel to your teeth, which contains less hydrogen peroxide than in some harsher products, yet no less effective. This is what makes in-office teeth whitening a safer preparation overall. Once the gel is applied, a blue light is applied to the teeth and left there for around 30 minutes. This might be repeated a few times, but the process is the same.


And that’s it!


You’re done!


You have whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

This simple process is highly effective, and the results so dramatic you’ll be amazed it was so easy!

 If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then call us today, and discuss your needs and requirements with one of our friendly, helpful members of staff.

In-office teeth whitening available only in Long island Location


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