Trifecta Med Spa and NYC psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. is positive that Botox helps with depression symptoms

botox-depressionAnyone who has suffered even minor symptoms of depression will know how dark and low the world can feel. Whilst everyone else seems to be smiling and living life to the full, you’re left feeling like everything is hopeless and wondering what you did in a former life to deserve it.


The most common first port of treatment contact is antidepressants, yet we all know that one size never fits all, and not everyone responds positively to medications, or even feels comfortable taking them.


Because of this, several different treatment options have been researched, and one that has proved to be perhaps the most outlandish, but also very effective, is the use of Botox in the battle against depression.


Before you wonder what on earth I’m talking about, bear with me, because there is science behind all of this.


Basically, back in the day, Charles Darwin stated the correlation between how we feel and the facial expressions we show to the world. For example, if we’re forever frowning, we’re likely to feel down; however, if we’re smiling, we will feel more upbeat as a result. This is where the science comes into it.
Botox is known to paralyze the facial muscles that cause wrinkles, often as a result of years of frowning as well as aging. When you’re unable to frown because of the use of Botox, you have no alternative but to smile – so of course, if we’re to be going down the line that Darwin suggested, you will feel more positive as a result of your treatment.


Several studies have shown this, and a recent study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research showed that a massive 17 out of 33 patients who underwent Botox treatment showed a drastic improvement in their depressive symptoms. Other similar studies have yielded results in the same vein.


Still feeling skeptical?


While Botox treatment NYC has its doubters, and still remains one of those Marmite procedures, it is increasingly popular year upon year, and the bonus is that there are no major side effects recognized, where as antidepressant medication of course carries risks, as any medication does.


This is all further weight to the argument and suggestion that Botox treatment could soon be a well recognized alternative treatment for the often severe symptoms of depression, meaning a brighter future for those who don’t particularly want to pop pills to control their condition.

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