Human Placenta Facial is a new service offered by Trifecta Med Spa in New York.


Trifecta Med Spa is the first clinic in New York to offer human placenta facial.

We all know that a placenta is all part of childbirth, but did you know that a placenta is actually a seriously nutrition-packed thing? Some people eat it after giving birth, some people freeze it and turn it into all manner of beauty-related treatments, and whether you’re squeamish or not, the fact remains that placenta can be a seriously powerful weapon in the battle against aging.


Whether you’ve given birth or not, whether you kept your own placenta or you didn’t, there is a new facial treatment on the block that incorporates placentas from either humans or sheep, to create a facial which is packed with seriously powerful nutrients.

JBP, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., was established in 1954 as specialized placenta company.They study and manufacture pharmaceutical products and cosmetics based on human placenta extract, and their placenta injection market share is about 80%.

CURACEN and LAENNEC are ethical products manufactured with JBP’s unique technologies for effective extraction of variety of growth factors, cytokinesand other physiologically active substances from the human placenta.
Safety First!!
– Donor screening
– Negatives for all virus and bacteria test
– Consent by Doctor
– Acceptance inspection testing
– Sterilized and virus inactivated
– Product specification testing for various viruses
JBP Quality:
1. SAFETY: Collection of placenta under Japanese law
2. CREDIBILITY: 40 years in the market with excellent safety standards
3. VALIDATION: Thorough check and recheck of all placentas for avoiding contamination

Trifecta Med Spa is the fist clinic in New York to offer JBP placenta products and services. Call us today at (800)757-4026 for more information on Placenta Facial.


What is a Placenta Facial?


Here at Trifecta Med Spa we are proud to offer the Placenta Facial for our clients in New York, and whether you take up the microneedling option or not (more on that at a later date), having this treatment can have a huge range of benefits to your skin, including;


  • Increased collagen production, which works to give you a more youthful appearance, and extra skin elasticity as a result
  • Firmer skin
  • Lifted skin, ideal for those who’s skin has sagged a little as the years have ticked on
  • Hydrates the skin to give a glow, rather than a dull appearance
  • Softens the skin and waves goodbye to dry patches
  • Can sooth acne-prone skin and skin which has been exfoliated too much


We mentioned that the placenta of a human or sheep can be used, and these are used in two different forms. A sheep placenta facial is made with stem cells which have been removed from the sheep’s placenta, whereas a human placenta facial features the actual placenta, which has been turned into a serum and is therefore applied directly to the skin.


Allowing the skin to absorb the full range of nutrients which resides in a placenta, whether human or sheep, means that you are getting a really beneficial treatment, with nothing else added in, and therefore nothing to cause a potential reaction or upset to your already sensitive or aged skin.


Can Anyone Have a Placenta Facial?


Obviously, everyone who comes through our doors will be subject to a consultation, because this helps us ascertain whether you are asking for the right treatment for your circumstances, and also gives us the chance to assess whether you are suitable or not. This will give us important information on whether a placenta facial is for you, but overall this is a treatment with very few contraindications.


Surely it’s a Little, Well, Icky?


Not at all! Obviously, if you think too much about what is going onto your skin you’re going to send your mind somewhere else, but the serum which is applied does not smell, it doesn’t feel strange, and it isn’t anything at all icky! It is literally the same as a cream you would apply before going to bed at night. The ickiness factor is all in your mind!


So, is a placenta facial for you?

If so, book your FREE consultation at Trifecta Med Spa!

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