Trifecta Med Spa has the Diamond Reward Status with both Allergan and Zeltiq. And now Allergan and Zeltiq have struck the deal of the century.

best-coolsculpting-nyc-trifecta-medspaThis week Allergan has acquired Zeltiq for an amazing 2.5 billion.

Having a  Diamond status with Allergan, who is a manufacturer of Botox/ Juvederm, and simultaneously having  a Diamond Crystal status with Zeltiq for being a dedicated procurement partner of CoolSculpting, Trifecta Med Spa, and also Allergan, are onto something much bigger and better.


Trifecta Med Spa is excited to share the latest market news. The buzz is in the air and two aesthetic giants, Allergan and Zeltiq, have struck the deal of the century.


The deal was struck this week based on the excellent future growth prospects not only for both giants but ultimately for their customers, especially Trifecta. Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D., the Medical Director of Trifecta Med Spa and Trifecta Health shared his feedback and perception of the acquisition with Bloomberg News, pointing out the impact of the acquisition and its positive influence on the industry as a whole , and its end users – Trifecta clientele.

Allergan has acquired Zeltiq for an amazing 2.5 billion

Trifecta Med Spa has two prime locations in Manhattan (Downtown and 57th Street) and one in Hewlett Long Island. Trifecta is currently a leading provider of Botox and Juvederm and revolutionary CoolSculpting technology in New York. It has five CoolSculpting machines and has completed successfully over 3,000 treatments since the inception of the CoolSculpting concept. The success rate is excellent and every day more and more clients turn to Trifecta Med Spa seeking amazing “fat melting magic” results.


As CoolSculpting rapidly evolves and takes over the current health and aesthetics market, it is projected that Fat-Freezing might be new Botox. Having a  Diamond status with Allergan and  Diamond Crystal Status with Zeltiq provides Trifecta Med Spa with the unique opportunity to consolidate the procurement of the aesthetic products and equipment at the best possible competitive market prices and pass these savings onto end users – Trifecta clientele.


The growing aesthetic market is predicted to be at 10.5 billion by year 2020, encompassing not only traditional clients – women, but opening a huge niche for male customers.​ Trifecta Med Spa, being a pioneer at injectables and CoolSculpting is welcoming the aforementioned acquisition and assures all their clients that this new market initiative will have a lot to offer.


Source: Trifecta Med Spa

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