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How does Juvederm filler work?

Juvederm is a smooth gel filler that can penetrate cosmetic deeper folds and wrinkles to restore even, silky skin. With a small injection of hyaluronic acid into the desired area, Juvederm will lift and fill your imperfections instantly. Different from Botox, which relaxes the muscles creating the pull for wrinkles, Juvederm literally fills in the unwanted crevices with material natural to your body, making it appear as if those crevices were never there.

On average, Juvéderm® lasts for 6 to 12 months*, but each patient absorbs and breaks down Hyaluronic Acid differently. Different areas of the face, depending on the degree of their regular movement, will defuse the effect of Juvederm filler at different rates. Other factors may also contribute to how long the Juvederm injections lasts;or example, intensive or steady  sun exposure can cause the hyaluronic acid to abate more quickly.