“The best facial of the century”

TRIFECTA Med Spa invites you to experience The Signature Trifecta Four-Layer Facial in downtown Manhattan.

There’s few things in this world that are as relaxing as the sea. A day on the beach, chilling out and kicking back really does wonders for your peace of mind, and health as a result, but what if the underwater world really could work bigger wonders, and take your complexion back in time to a smoother, younger time?

Well, it can! The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial – we call it The Signature Trifecta Four-Layer Facial – uses the calming nature of the sea to revitalize and rejuvenate your face, leaving you with younger, smoother skin, and a brighter complexion. Cosmopolitan UK is calling The Repêchage Four-Layer Facial “the best facial of the century”, and few can argue with that!

The all important tool here is seaweed. Yes, that slimy green stuff that gets caught on your feet when you go walking in the sea, yet when used in this procedure, it’s far from slimy and far from unpleasant – quite the opposite! This four step facial will leave you loving that green stuff, as you lay back and drift away, waiting for the time to tick backwards.


  1. Step one involves the seaweed. The naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in the seaweed are used to soften aging lines, rehydrating skin and rebalancing.
  2. Step two is oh-so-relaxing. A reinvigorating facial massage will boost circulation and skin elasticity, and leave you drifting on that lilo in the middle of the sea. Metaphorically of course.
  3. Step three? Back to the seaweed, and a cooling face mask, with more hydration and refreshing skin, toning and tightening.
  4. And finally step four, a warming mineral mask, designed to kick-start the healing properties of the seaweed. I dare you to not almost drift off to sleep – it’s difficult!

Hugely relaxing and massively beneficial, this is one treatment that is not only luxurious and decadent, but will leave you in awe when you look in the mirror. If you like the sound of the sea taking away all your aging cares, give the friendly staff at TRIFECTA Med Spa a call today at (212) 600-4112, and inquire about the rather special Trifecta Four-Layer Facial. “The best facial of the century”? I’m inclined to agree, and I’ve always been a Cosmo girl. Written by TRIFECTA Med Spa