Beauty Truly Is Natural


When it comes to achieving the beauty ideal, do you deem it to be natural or unnatural? Do you think that beauty should be a result which is far away from your natural appearance, or simply your natural appearance enhanced and glowing?


In the past, most people tried to look something completely different to how they looked naturally. They went for too much Botox, excessive lip fillers, and make up which was dramatic, rather than subtle. These days, things are changing. We are going towards a much more natural viewpoint of beauty, and we are simply enhancing what we already have, rather than wearing a metaphorical mask.


Surely that is great progress?


Facials are part and parcel of many beauty routines these days, helping to unblock pores, boost circulation, and hydrating thirsty skin. There are many different types of facial on the market, and all claim to have fantastic results. Have you heard of the placenta facial?


Introducing the Placenta Facial


Here at Trifecta Med Spa in New York, we are proud to offer this revolutionary treatment, made completely natural components! It really does offer what it states on the tin, i.e. the final involves the application of placenta.


Feeling queasy?


Don’t be! The placenta which is obtained from a woman after giving birth is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which are all fantastic for boosting skin and giving a healthy glow. Of course, the placenta which is applied to the skin isn’t necessarily going to be your placenta, as you may not be due to give birth! Don’t worry however, all our donors are screened to very high standards, and you can be sure that the product applied to your skin is quality, clean, and hygienic.


The great thing about the placenta facial is not only that it is natural, but that it is also suitable for sensitive skin types. Many other types of facial use chemicals, lotions, or other substances which might not suit those with sensitive skin, but that isn’t a concern here. Skin is moisturized, hydrated, and cell turnover is boosted as a result. This gives new collagen a chance to redevelop, boosting elasticity, and basically giving you a healthy, youthful glow. Skin is firmer, which is ideal for those who are worried about the ticking clock of aging, as well as being lifted, if your skin is sagging a little. Basically, it’s like turning back the clock, using a little of Mother Nature!


If you are an acne sufferer, the placenta facial is also a great choice for you. The amino acids and specific vitamins are ideal for soothing the skin, especially if it is red and inflamed. If you have over-exfoliated your skin the past, again, this is a good choice of treatment.


Don’t be Squeamish!


There is nothing nasty, false, or icky in the placenta facial. Mother Nature gives a woman a placenta to help nourish a baby, so it makes perfect and logical sense that the contents of the placenta will also nourish adult skin too.


Set aside your squeamish nature and give it a try! Give Trifecta Med Spa a call today at (800) 757-4026.