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KYBELLA is a non-surgical injectable treatment for reducing fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a “double chin.” Call Trifecta Med Spa at (800) 757-4026 for your FREE consultation.

KYBELLA was FDA approved in April 2015, and here at Trifecta Med Spa, we can now offer this revolutionary treatment to our clients, all under the professional and expert eye of Dr. Edward Fruitman.

Kybella is a great treatment to get rid of neck fat. Kybella treatment is like a chin liposuction without surgery. Call Trifecta Med Spa for your complimentary consultation today!

Trifecta Med Spa offers the best Kybella
double chin treatment in NY


How does KYBELLA work?

Fat accumulation beneath the jawline and chin is known as submental fat, or a double chin. Submental Fat is a very common complaint among both men and women. KYBELLA is made up of a naturally occurring substance within the body, called deoxycholic acid; this is found within the liver and works to dissolve fat cells within the body. When injected into the targeted area, fat cells are broken down and absorbed, which means KYBELLA is a holistic and safe way to eradicate that problem area.

A series of injections will be required, and the exact timing of these is determined at the consultation, because as we know, every single person is different. On the whole, for patients with moderate to severe fat accumulation in this area, KYBELLA has been shown to be highly effective.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

Kybella price is depends on how many injections are required for your needs, where you are located, and the experience of the practitioner providing the treatment. It also depends on the size of the area being treated. In general, most patients require 2 vials per treatment and 2-3 treatment sessions to obtain optimum results. Each vial of Kybella cost $600 at Trifecta Med Spa in New York. Our team can provide you with an estimated cost during a consultation at Trifecta Med Spa.

Call us today at (800)757-4026 to ask about our current Kybella Special.

How many injections are required for effective treatment?

Again, this totally depends on the person, but generally speaking, around 2-5 sessions are required for optimal results. Each of these sessions needs to be spaced out properly, which is around 1-2 months apart. The average amount of treatments is the 2-3 mark, and during one session, around 15-20 microinjections are administered.

Over time, and after the treatment plan is completed, the body works to metabolise the damaged fat cells from the procedures undertaken, which leads to a permanent change in appearance, and a slimmer and more youthful look overall.

How quickly do the results appear?

Typically results after Kybella treatment appear within weeks to months, and keep improving as additional treatments are administered.

What is the downtime?

Most patients have slight discomfort similar to other injectables for a short period of time after the Kybella injection in Manhattan NYC at Trifecta Med Spa. This resolves relatively quickly. Patients experience different degrees of swelling, but it is a normal part of the healing process.

What is the evidence if Kybella works?

Kybella’s FDA approval was based on two clinical trials involving more than a thousand patients with moderate to severe submental fat, who received injections of either Kybella or a placebo. Patients that received Kybella saw a noticeable and cosmetically significant reduction of submental fat compared to patients that received the placebo.

If you would like to learn more about Kybella treatment don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (800) 757-4026. Our helpful, friendly, and highly skilled staff will be more than happy to discuss your options with you, as well as giving you more information on this dynamic and effective treatment route.