Pump up The Volume!


Here at Trifecta Med Spa, as more and more innovate treatments find their way into the mainstream, we’re constantly searching for the best options to add to our menu. One of the most recent is Juvederm Voluma.

We only ever offer the best treatments to our patients, and as such, we will become one of the first practices in the USA to offer this innovative and beneficial treatment, designed to help turn back the ticking clock on loss of facial volume.

Let’s be honest, aging does us no favors most of the time. Yes, it’s inevitable, but does that mean we have to deal with it if we don’t like it? No!

Loss of volume in the facial cheek area is one of the most common complaints we hear about, and this newest treatment aims to correct that problem, in a natural and relatively pain-free manner.

What is Juvederm Voluma?

Having recently received FDA approval, Juvederm Voluma is now open for business. This consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance within the human body, and encourages the renewal of collagen and volume boosting elements within the facial area. As a result, you can look forward to a perky and youthful look, rather than a sagging, aging look.

You’ve no doubt heard the word ‘Juvederm’ before, a very popular filler for lines and wrinkles, and one of the most commonly requested treatments in the country. Constantly developing their product range, Juvederm have now created this newest innovation, which is administered using a cannula, allowing it to be used specifically for cheek augmentation. As a result, sagging due to age is corrected, for anything up to 24 months.

Suitable for age 21 and over, Juvederm Voluma involves the use of a very thin tube which is inserted into the desired area, allowing the product itself to be delivered to the right place. As a result, the treatment is far more accurate, and therefore far more beneficial. The Juvederm Voluma is then injected into the cheek area itself and allowed to do its work.

Why Deal With a Look You Don’t Like?

Everyone has heard the saying “grow old gracefully”, but what does that actually mean? We believe it means growing old in a manner which makes you happy, and if that means you undergo a few procedures to correct specific parts of your appearance you’re not happy with, go for it! Provided what you’re doing is safe and approved, there’s no harm in helping boost your self-confidence and growing old in the sassiest and happiest of ways!

Here at Trifecta Med Spa we’re proud to be one of the first to offer Juvederm Voluma to our clients, with the aim to banish age-related volume loss in almost the blink of an eye. Suitable for those aged of 21 years, this is the ideal way to not only grow old gracefully, but to do it in a way which helps you feel on top of the world for as long as possible.