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How to coop with Covid-19 on quarantine?

Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. talking about psychiatric impact of Coronavirus. Advices how to cope with Depression, Anxiety and ADHD during COVID-19. Dr. Fruitman - NYC Psychiatrist talking about things you can do to support yourself even when you can not leave your home. How to reduce anxiety during coronavirus crisis? How to be less stressed and depressed when on quarantine? How not to procrastinate when working from home?

Diamond Glow vs Hydrafacial

You see, Diamond Glow includes the latest technology and the results are superior as a result. This all comes down to the machinery used.

Diamond Glow ticks the same boxes as the hydrafacial, i.e. it is designed to deeply cleanse the skin, extract and infuse, but it goes a step further. The machine has a diamond tip, which allows an extra step in the process - exfoliation.

Wipe Away The Past!

It’s time to be honest.

Do you have a tattoo that you wish you didn’t have?

Do you perhaps have the name of a former lover etched on your body? Do you have an ill-advised cartoon character somewhere on your silhouette?

If you’re nodding your head but don’t really want to admit this aloud, don’t worry! We’ve all made mistakes, and sometimes that mistake involves a rather less-than-well-thought-out brush with a tattoo needle.

Can you change it?


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