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Real CoolSculpting patient experience at Trifecta Med Spa

CoolSculpting my stubborn fat away! Everyone has that stubborn fat under their belly button that no matter what you do WONT go away... I decided to work together with Trifecta MedSpa to show you how CoolSculpting works and the easy, effective process it is! They have had many great results and I'm happy to share my experience with you! TRIFECTA MEDSPA - Long Island, NY (also offices in NYC)

One Space Entrepreneur's $250 Million Mission to Stop Aging

Diamandis's newest startup, Celularity, is emerging from stealth mode Thursday. The company is working on finding a remedy to many of the world's worst illnesses within an unlikely source: human placentas. The entrepreneur claims that by extracting stem cells from those placentas, Celularity will be able to fight disease as well as slow down the aging process, thus extending the human life span. It's already begun FDA-approved clinical trials on humans and is aiming to go to market with some of its therapies as soon as this year.

"We want to give you the cognition, the aesthetics, and the mobility at 100 that you had at 60," Diamandis says. "The implications of this are going to be massive."

Trifecta Med Spa Receives Prestigious Allergan Award

We, at Trifecta Med Spa are thrilled to announce the receipt of another top ranking award for the company and its range of practices across New York City. Allergan, producers of some of the world's highest quality requested treatments, has ranked Trifecta Med Spa in the top 250 practices across the whole of the United States of America.

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