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Beauty Truly Is Natural

Facials are part and parcel of many beauty routines these days, helping to unblock pores, boost circulation, and hydrating thirsty skin. There are many different types of facial on the market, and all claim to have fantastic results. Have you heard of the placenta facial?

Introducing the Human Placenta Facial!

Is a Skin Tag Affecting Your Life?

Have you been affected for much of your life by the annoyance of a skin tag? Perhaps its only small, but it bothers you no end!

If this is the case, did you know that you can safely have this removed, and you can rid yourself of it for life?

Skin tags aren’t dangerous, they are simply pieces of skin which sit there, annoying the life out of you, and sometimes catching on clothes. In the latter situation, the tag can sometimes bleed, because when you pull skin, it hurts!

Here at Trifecta Med Spa we know that something as small as a skin tag can cause a great deal of anguish to a person, so we are determined to help the people of New York rid themselves of such issues!

Look Good, Feel Good This Summer

One of the most troublesome times of year for most people is summer. We booked our vacations, we look forward to going away, but then we begin worrying about baring our bodies on the beach.

If that’s the case for you, have you ever considered CoolSculpting?

Most of us have tried dieting at some point, even major health kicks, but a lot of the time those dieting endeavours leave behind excess skin, or stubborn pockets of fat that simply won’t go away. If that’s your situation currently, and it’s something which is causing you worry with beach time around the corner, CoolSculpting could be the answer to your summer body confidence prayers.

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