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Ultherapy treatment in NYC and Long Island


Ultherapy – a new FDA approved Skin Lift  that does not require surgery or downtime. Just one Ultherapy treatment at Trifecta helps to lift and tighten skin not just on the neck, but under the chin and on the brow as well.

Trifecta Med Spa is offering Ultherapy in our Manhattan (Downtown NYC and Midtown West NYC) and Long Island offices.

Now we offer Ultherapy Pain-Free!

Trifecta Med Spa have taken the hugely positive step to reducing possible discomfort and anxiety for clients undergoing minor procedures, like Ultherapy, with the introduction of ‘laughing gas’ sedation. This choice will be offered to patients with immediate effect. 

‘Laughing gas’ received its mainstream name man years ago, as it often gives clients the giggles after the administration. Conversely, this form of sedation is danger-free, odor-free, and irritation-free.

Trifecta Med Spa is excited to introduce the Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen Analgesia System – Nitronox Demand Flow by Praxair, and this will be offered by choice to Ultherapy patients who require sedation, either due to anxiety or due to the risk of discomfort.

Call and inquire about Painless Ultherapy in New York today! (800) 757-4026

It’s natural, non-invasive, and with no downtime.
During Ultherapy small waves of focused ultrasound energy penetrate the same skin layer usually addressed in a surgical facelift.
Ultherapy can help reduce the marks of aging by non-invasively lifting and tightening skin.

  • Ultherapy is a newest type of non-surgical, non-invasive method that uses ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tighten and tone wobbly skin on your face.
  • Ultherapy is the only FDA approved procedure to lift skin on these difficult to treat areas.
  • Ultherapy uses the harmless, familiar energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep essential support layersof the skin—including those usually addressed in a surgical facelift—without distressing the surface of the skin.

Ultherapy results

With Ultherapy in NYC and Long Island, all it takes is only a 60-90 minute in-office procedure at Trifecta Med Spa. You may notice a short-term improvement but the natural course of generating new, more elastic collagen forms over time—much like the result that exercise has on building muscle (but minus the numerous workouts!).

Results from Ultherapy are long lasting and will develop over the course of 2 to 3 months with continued improvement for up to 6 months, including lifting and tightening of the skin on your face. *

Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy works from the inside-out to lift and tighten skin non-invasively.
Your body’s reaction to Ultherapy is to repair tired skin by stimulating the growth of additional, new collagen. The result is a tightening and steady lifting, or shifting of your skin back into a more youthful condition and form-appropriate shape.


Now Ultherapy is FDA approved treatment for decollete treatment. Lines and wrinkled skin of the décolleté have always been a challenging problem. Aside from an aging face, neck, eyes, and brow, a major area of aging concern for women is their décolleté, which comprises the lower neck and chest area. As women age, the exposed décolleté area may often show signs of long-term sun damage, prominent age and dark spots, loss of volume, and an overall untoned appearance.

Ultherapy, the micro-focused ultrasound therapy that has been used to successfully tighten and lift the neck, face, and brow, has been cleared by the FDA for treatment of this problematic area of the chest.

Come to Trifecta Med Spa in our Manhattan locations near Wall Street and near Hell's Kitchen; and Long Island Hewlett location to discover more about Ultherapy treatment. Schedule your complimentary Ultherapy consultation with us.

Call (800) 757-4026 for Ultherapy Special in New York & find out if Ultherapy is right for you.