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Universkin Bespoke Skincare will coming soon to United States!


Bespoke Skincare Universkin at Trifecta Med Spa


Universkin is proud to provide a revolutionary service for patients, giving tailor-made, bespoke skincare, depending upon age, skin type, locality, and history.


No one person is the same, and no one skincare treatment is either! Read on to learn more about this exciting development.


In partnership with Universkin, Trifecta Med Spa is the first clinic in the USA to offer bespoke, medical-grade skincare services for our clients in the NYC area.


Every part of your treatment plan is designed with you in mind, creating a map for clean, youthful, and irritation-free skin, both now and into the future.


How to get started?
It all begins with your free online skin diagnostic test


What Conditions Can be Treated?
A whole range of regular skincare conditions are helped by choosing a tailor-made, personalized approach. This ensures that your unique needs are met, and not the needs of the general population. The skincare serum you are given will contain active ingredients and suit the type of skin you have, as well as the conditions you are suffering with.


The most common conditions include:

  • UV Damage


- The skin may be warming to our skin, but it is also very damaging. From premature ageing to dehydration, to severe cellular damage, UV rays can also cause skin cancer in the worst case scenario. By choosing a personalised skincare plan, you can help to turn back the clock of UV damage and its effects.

  • Loose Skin and Sagging


- Either due to ageing or quick weight loss, skin can become less elastic and begin to sag. This is a normal phenomenon, but it is one which can be upsetting to the individual. A personalised skincare program can help to boost elastin and collagen supplies, tighten up the skin, and restore general elasticity.

  • Eye Bags


- Most of us live buy and hectic lives these days, and this can often show in our appearance. Under eye bags are one of the most common conditions caused by either not enough sleep, retaining fluid, allergies, or it can even be hereditary. Personalised treatment plans can help to reduce swelling and puffiness, and therefore get rid of the overall problem.

  • Dark Eye Circles


- Again, we’re all tired and stressed, and this leads to dark patches under the eyes. This can also be due to ageing, allergies, and sun exposure too, and is often caused by a reduction in collagen formation. Again, boosting this by a personalised plan can rectify the issue.

  • Skin Redness


- Either due to a hereditary condition, or because of a psychological or confidence-based problem, many people suffer from red skin.

  • Visible Skin Capillaries


- Usually caused by skin irritation, inflammation, or due to sun exposure, skin capillaries, broken capillaries, or sometimes spider veins, are very common. As with skin redness, a personalised plan can help to reduce the issue.

  • Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Rough Skin


- The state of our skin is the state of our general health, and all three of these can be due to various factors, either cold weather, harsh facial products, stress, warm weather, hormones, an improper cleaning routine, diet, or exposure to the sun. The right products and the right advice can turn all of this back to a healthier state.

  • Pigmentation


- Mostly caused by exposure to the sun, pigmentation can also be due to trauma, genetics, or it can be down to hormones. Whatever the reason, this is an issue we can help you with.

  • Pimples, Black Heads, White Heads


- Whether due to acne, excessive sebum, hormones, or clogged pores, the right products and the right routine can rectify these issues, and leave you with a much clearer complexion.

What is the Process?
Our 3 step process is quick, easy, and super effective:


Complete the online skin analysis

Receive your skin diagnosis


Our highly trained doctors will create your personalized formula and routine

What could be easier?

Because all of this is based on the diagnosis of your skin’s real state, you’re receiving a really personalized service. This means the serum contains active ingredients which are designed to treat your specific problems. It can’t fail!




Why Choose Trifecta Med Spa?
With our partnership with Universkin, we are bringing a truly personalized service to you, our clients within the NYC area. We know that being confident and comfortable in your own skin is a huge factor in a healthy and happy life, and our number one aim is to provide that for every single one of our clients, both existing and future.

Your health is reflected in your skin, so let us help you by providing a bespoke service, with ingredients, durations, and practices which are designed to give you the even, healthy canvas you deserve.

Give us a call today at (800) 757-4026 to be the first one to try Universkin Skincare treatment at Trifecta Med Spa!