Is a Skin Tag Affecting Your Life?


Have you been affected for much of your life by the annoyance of a skin tag? Perhaps its only small, but it bothers you no end!


If this is the case, did you know that you can safely have this removed, and you can rid yourself of it for life?


Skin tags aren’t dangerous, they are simply pieces of skin which sit there, annoying the life out of you, and sometimes catching on clothes. In the latter situation, the tag can sometimes bleed, because when you pull skin, it hurts!


Here at Trifecta Med Spa we know that something as small as a skin tag can cause a great deal of anguish to a person, so we are determined to help the people of New York rid themselves of such issues!


To that aim, we are proud to be able to offer the CryoPen treatment for skin tags, hanging warts, verrucae, cherry angiomas, seborrheic keratosis, and pigmented spots. The CryoPen uses a method called cryotherapy, and that basically freezes the lesion, cutting off the blood supply, and allowing it to die and fall off. That might sound drastic, but it’s actually a normal bodily function, and once the lesion has gone, you will be free of it for life!


Of course, everyone needs a thorough consultation before any type of treatment, and we will certainly sit down with you and talk you through your options, as well as checking that your particular lesion is amenable to the treatment. There are some which shouldn’t be subjected to cryotherapy, such as melanomas and basal cell carcinomas, and in that case, you should see help from a medical professional, to find out the best way to treat the issue at hand. Other than that, we are able to treat other annoying, non-serious lesions, quickly and pain-free.


A Skin Tag Can be Damaging to Health


We’ve just said that skin tags aren’t dangerous, but they can be damaging to your health. How? On two counts – firstly, you could constantly catch the skin tag on your clothes, as we mentioned before. A common scenario here is a skin tag which is under the arm, and regularly catches on a bra, a shirt, or a bikini top. Secondly, if the skin tag is causing you to become fixated on the issue, e.g. it is something you hate, and you can’t stop thinking about, it could cause you to start lacking in body confidence. This is not a road to go down, because we should all be super-comfortable in our skin, literally warts and all!


So, if you are finding yourself constantly gazing in the mirror and wishing away a skin tag or other similar lesion, why waste another second? Give us a call and have a chat to find out whether the CryoPen therapy is suitable for you. We are happy to give you a consultation session, discuss your options, explore various routes, and come to a mutually convenient treatment plan, which allows you to go about your business in the future, free of the annoyance of a skin tag!