Summer is Coming. Freeze the Fat Away!


You might think this is a little premature, after all we have recently just witnessed a polar vortex, but summer isn’t all that far away. In a few weeks we will turn our thoughts to vacations, bikinis, beaches, and fun in the sun.
For many, summer is a time of joy, but for others, it can bring out even the worst self-confidence issues. Summer should be a time when we’re all happy to show a little more skin, we’re enjoying the sun, we’re getting our dose of vitamin D, and basically life is just that little bit brighter. If you have any issues which are stopping you from enjoying summer in this way, e.g. you feel you might want to lose a few extra pounds, or you suffer from excess body hair and you would love to find a solution, now is the time to seek out answers and put those issues to rest. You can enjoy summer, it’s within your grasp! Here at Trifecta Med Spa, we completely understand why some people have issues when summer comes around. We equally understand why people start to worry when the festive season is upon us, because the same body confidence issues can become a problem. Put simply, we want to help you banish those self confidence issues and look forward to the summer you deserve. We have a range of treatment options which can help you obtain the body you want, banish the problems which have plagued you for so long. If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and been successful to a degree, but you still have areas of stubborn fat which refuse to go, we have an answer. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment which targets areas of stubborn weight, and helps to naturally disperse them, without needing to limit your calorie intake to dangerous amounts. By using natural cryotherapy methods, we freeze the fat cells and your body does the rest on its own. Another common summer issue is excess body hair. This is an issue which affects many men and women, and regardless of where the hair is, we can help you out. Laser hair removal is an effective and fast way to rid yourself of this hair issue forever. You will need several equally spaced out sessions in order to reach your overall goal, but once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! No more hiding away on the beach, no more long shaving sessions and ingrown hair problems. Issue solved! There are many other problems which can cause someone not to look forward to the summer months. Don’t let these problems roadblock you  for a season longer. We have many options available for a variety of issues, and we are committed to giving you that summer glow you want and deserve. Give us a call today and find out about the various treatment methods we have on offer, and book in for a personal consultation. We treat every single person who contacts us as the individual they deserve to be, and before long you can look forward to summer of fun and smiles!