Trifecta Med Spa Announces Use of 'Laughing Gas' Sedation For Minor Procedures


This is no laughing matter! Trifecta Med Spa have taken the hugely positive step to reducing possible discomfort and anxiety for clients undergoing minor procedures, like Ultherapy, with the introduction of ‘laughing gas’ sedation. This choice will be offered to patients with immediate effect.


Ultherapy is painless? Yes, It is real now at Trifecta Med Spa!


Placing their client’s comfort and health at the top of the priority list, Trifecta Med Spa NYC understand that many clients become anxious prior to, and during, a procedure, and that slight discomfort could be experienced. Every client has a different pain threshold, and in order to make treatments as comfortable as possible, this sedation choice works towards ensuring maximum comfort levels for all clients. Therefore, to make the overall experience more pleasant for clients visiting the Trifecta Med Spa offices in the New York City area, the introduction of ‘laughing gas’ is a bold and positive move.


‘Laughing gas’ received its mainstream name man years ago, as it often gives clients the giggles after the administration. Conversely, this form of sedation is danger-free, odor-free, and irritation-free.


This hugely effective form of sedation contains 50% oxygen levels and 0% nitrous oxide, which is combined to help clients feel calm, relaxed, and to give a pleasurable feeling during the treatment. Ideal for Tattoo Removal, Ultherapy, or perhaps Filler Injection Treatments, where slight discomfort may be felt, this form of sedation has been used for many years in the medical field.

Can you imagine painless Ultherapy treatment in NYC? Now it is possible at Trifecta Med Spa in all New York Locations! Many clients will have heard of women in labor being offered this form of relaxation, with hugely positive effects.


There is no overdose risk, no after effects, and the sedation will begin to work just two or three minutes after administration, lasting for around 15 minutes in total. The sedation is delivered by a pneumatically driven gas system, and is inhaled by the client, with no residual effects.


Trifecta Med Spa will begin to introduce the Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen Analgesia System – Nitronox Demand Flow by Praxair, and this will be offered by choice to patients who require sedation, either due to anxiety or due to the risk of discomfort.


Offering a wide range of different cosmetic treatments, Trifecta Med Spa are committed to improving the client experience, before consultation, during treatment, and in terms of aftercare, if any is required. This new step to improving possible discomfort and anxiety ensures that even more clients in the New York City area can take advantage of the confidence and beauty boosting treatments on offer, without fear of pain or discomfort.

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