Unwanted Lesions, Be Gone!


Have you always had a particular lesion on your skin which has done nothing but annoy you?

Obviously, you’ve had it checked out, and your doctor has told you it’s nothing to worry about, just one of those things, but does it still irritate the life out of you?
Probably so! Do you have to let it continue being the bane of your life? Definitely not! We are of course talking about such things as skin tags, warts, cherry angioma, verrucae, milia, seborrheic keratosis, or pigmented spots. These things are nothing to worry about, they are not serious, but they can often be something which a person fixates on, something which causes distress in the worst case scenario, and annoyance in the best case scenario. Life is too short to worry about such things. Is there an answer to this issue? Yes, and it’s called the CryoPen. Here at Trifecta Med Spa we are pleased to offer a quick, effective, and very accurate treatment which targets the above lesions, and rids them forever. The further good news? It’s cheap too! Request a FREE Consultation at Trifecta Med Spa Today! The CryoPen uses a technology called Cryotherapy. This might sound like a complicated and highly difficult process, but it’s actually quite natural. Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze lesions, which then cuts of their blood supply and makes them literally fall off or disappear. Most lesions respond to just one treatment, which will take less than one minute, but some might be a little deeper and may need more than one treatment. The actual process which Cryotherapy uses is called Cryonecrosis, but because that sounds rather complicated, we will stick to the former! The CryoPen is the medium which is used to deliver the process, and it requires no anaesthetic, and leaves behind no scars. The results are permanent too! Most people are suitable for this treatment, but a consultation will be required beforehand, as with anything, because those with extremely dark skin may want to proceed with caution. This is because the process of Cryotherapy can actually lighten the skin around the former lesion, and whilst this isn’t a problem if you have lighter skin, it is much more noticeable on darker skin. This is something we will explore with you and decide on together. We’ve mentioned that Cryotherapy isn’t painful, and all you might feel it minimal stinging at the time of the treatment, and perhaps itching on the site for around ten minutes afterwards. Some people may develop a tiny blister at the site, but other than that, there are no adverse effects, no downtime, and the treatment can easily be fit into even the busiest of New York days. If this is something which is piquing your interest, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have seen it all, and we can easily advise you whether the CryoPen is the best avenue for you to go down. Why live with a lesion that drags you down? Wave goodbye to it, and continue with your life, lesion-free!

Trifecta Med Spa offer CryoPen treatment – easy, quick, effective an affordable!