Where Botox is Concerned, Less is More!


If you check out any glossy magazine these days you’re bound to see some celebrity who has been Botox-ed to within an inch of their lives and seem almost frozen on the spot. The can’t smile, they can’t even more their forehead, and everything looks a little …. static.

In this case, whoever gave this celebrity their Botox was either extremely keen to please the starlet sat in their chair, or they simply didn’t understand the very basic rule of this extremely popular cosmetic procedure - less is more!

Botox is meant to look natural. It’s supposed to stop the ticking clock of aging in terms of your appearance and give you a youthful complexion and glow. How is static and frozen youthful or glowing? It’s fake!

Here at Trifecta Med Spa we are experts in the field of Botox, one of our most common treatments. We understand that in order to achieve that perfect and natural look, you don’t need to use the Botox needle excessively and that less truly is more.

Lines need to be smoothed out, not frozen. Wrinkles need to be filled in, not ironed out. Everything should look exactly how it did a few years previously, but with a slightly more youthful look besides. It shouldn’t look as though someone has clicked ‘flash’ on the camera a little too brightly and left you startled in the moment.

This is the very reason why Botox has a slightly plus and minus reputation. Those who have had Botox done by a reputable practitioner, i.e. us, understand that it is a very safe and effective procedure for smoothing out links and wrinkles, therefore boosting self-esteem. Those who have had Botox done incorrectly or gone OTT with how much they’ve asked for or been given, will not be able to communicate their displeasure to you so well, because the muscles in their face are literally unable to move as well as they should do.

We’re not attempting to freeze your face here, we’re smoothing out lines and allowing you to look younger!

You see, when you fix problems such as this, you’re boosting confidence and confidence in life is everything. When you feel good about how you look, you look even better, because your smile wears itself. You start to take opportunities that come your way, you feel inspired to eat healthier and be more active, and you look at life as a huge window of choice and opportunity, not something to be endured without looking in the mirror.

Botox can help you to achieve all of this, but you have to ensure that you do it in the right way and by understanding that more will not give you what you want. Less will!

If you’re keen to try Botox, either for the first time or you want to top up what you have had in the past, give us a call. We’re not going to over-Botox you, and we won’t even suggest it if we think you don’t need it. What we will do is be completely honest with you and draw up a plan that is bespoke to you.